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Tim Lang Restoration Centre are the classic restoration specialists based in the south west,
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Stage 5 : The Rebuild With the body shell painted and inspected we can now move the body shell to the rebuilding bay, while the remaining panels are painted.   The body shell is rebuilt using all new or reconditioned parts - which are readily available.   Once the basic suspension, axles and steering is fitted it makes moving the vehicle around far easier.   All the axle, engine and gear box units have been stripped, rebuilt and painted prior to the body works so these are now installed.   The wiring loom with all its' modifications is now carefully fed through the body.   The remaining of the engine bay components and modifications are fitted The new roof lining is carefully aligned and fitted followed by the fitting of :- Front and rear inertia seat belts Carpet Sound deadening and trim Reclining seats  Heated front windscreen The remaining panels Bright and chrome work - fitted and aligned HEADING - THE FINAL STAGES DUAL CONTROLS A set of dual controls were fitted. We neatly modified the inside of the car so that the driving instructor is able to see the engine temperature and the time clock on his side at all times, and have the ability to activate an override switch ( if needed ) to put the electric fan on without interrupting the pupil - this was positioned next to the 12 volt accessory  socket. We also added an additional indicator warning light that could be easily viewed - this was positioned in the speedo. A recalibrated speedo was fitted in order to match the 5 speed gear box. The CD radio is discreetly hidden away in the glove box. We also have the speedo clock panel painted and left in body colour - creating a clean and simple line look.   IMMOBILISER We have also fitted a CAT 2 insurance approved immobiliser with the LED light fitted in the heater box panel.   During road testing and over the first few weeks that the owner started to drive the car a few additionals were requested which were pleased to add, they included A heated tinted rear window and ide screen Silver and black number plates Painted door mirrors Wooden steering wheel MODIFICATION LIST Dual controls Disc Brakes and Brake Servo 1275cc Engine and 5 Speed Gearbox Alternator Electric Fan and Temperature Gauge and over ride switch Heated front Windscreen CD Player 12 Volt Accessory Socket Clock Body Coloured Modern Door Mirrors Inertia Seat Belts Front and Rear Reclining Seats and matching Rear Automatic Reversing Light & Hazard Lights Sports coil                                                                          Debadged Boot Lid                                            Electronic ignition, Immobiliser Internal Strengthening to the dash, B Post bottoms and centre Anti Roll Bar Spax Adjustable Shocks all around Tinted rear windows Heated rear window An additional warning light was positioned into the speedo head for the indicators    THIS UNIQUE MORRIS MINOR IS A WORKING VEHICLE AND LESSONS CAN BE BOOKED USING IT - JUST CLICK HERE   www.classicdrivingschool.biz Special offers available OR CALL 01823 270406 OR 07790727773   IT IS SEEN AT MANY LOCAL RALLYS' AND OUT ON THE ROAD WHERE   IT IS VIEWED AND ENJOYED BY MANY PEOPLE. Back to Project
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