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Tim Lang Restoration Centre are the classic restoration specialists based in the south west,
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Body Repairs and Paintwork Upon approval of the schedule of work from the customer, we take vehicle through to be dismantled and striped in preparation for any structural and panel work to be carried out and where necessary to have the vehicle bead or shot blasted to take all the metal back to bare. Depending on the extent of the structural repairs it is then mounted on a "roll over" jig for welding. This allows for excellent access to the all corroded sections to be cut away and for exact measurements to be made when welding in the new panels. Once the underside has been approved it is then given a protective coating whilst still on the jig, upon which it is the removed to enter the paint shop where meticulous preparation gets underway to the rest of the vehicles panel work and the body shell. To ensure the highest standard of finish all removable panels are taken of before the painting proceeds. The paint systems that we use exceed the manufacturer's original finishes giving a far superior depth of shine and a much extended service life. With the choice of solid colour two pack finishes, clear coat lacquered base coat finishes or specialist pearls, candy, flip and three stage custom finishes, with every conceivable colour available your vehicle can be as unique or as standard as you wish. Workshop & Services We have a dedicated repair and service workshop which runs alongside our purpose built low bake spray oven to ensure that all works carried out meet our impeccable quality standards. Upgraded Parts Anti Roll Bars These limit excessive body roll, improve stability, comfort and handling. Alternator A must to cope with efficient charging of the battery especially if you have comfort upgrades such as: halogen lighting, heated screens, high power audio, neon's and cruising lights and electric windows etc. Disc brakes, Servos and Remote Fluid Reservoirs To ensure you have optimum braking efficiency and for ease of servicing, an absolute essential if tuning and performance engine upgrades have been fitted.   Engine Gearbox and Drivetrain Engine upgrades including big bore conversions, performance and lead free cylinder heads. Five speed gearbox conversions, re- ratio and limited slip differentials.   Hydraulic Clutch To ensure effort free, smoother, softer and more reliable clutch function.   Suspension and Bushes Upgrades available for performance and comfort gains, many available please ask for details.   Lighting and Electrical Halogen lights are the most popular upgrade to ensure stress free night time driving. We also offer all aspects of electrical upgrade including: audio, heated screens, alarms, central locking and power windows and much more.   Seats and Trim From new standard seats, carpets and trims to upgraded reclining and sports seats customized trims, carpets and dashboards. We supply and fit front and rear Inertia Seat Belts. More products and services are available please ask for details.
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