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Tim Lang Restoration Centre are the classic restoration specialists based in the south west,
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Stage 4: REBUILD Auxillaries fitted into the engine Bay ie the wiper motor, master cylinder, washer bottle,   battery and heater unit.   Photograph showing partial fitting of the wiring loom  The engine and gear box were offered up and fitted.   The brakes, suspension and exhaust were offered up and fitted.   The new cross ply tyres were fitted to paintedwheels.   THE TRIM The dash pad was fitted and manipulated into position   around the existing body work   The dash clock was fitted into the holder   The carpets were fitted The centre consol trim was cut and secured into position. The trim panels were assembled together ad offered into   position and the boot mat set made to fit into boot apature. The new glass was fitted into the frames complete with rubbers and chrome work   The retrimmed seats and seat belts were fitted along with the carpet   The dash was modified for the fitting of the windscreen. We refiited the door lock and window regulator mechanism, checked their opperation then modified the new door cards to fit the doors.  The front lights were assembled along with the bright works.   The hood frame was painted and the cream hood fitted.   A more detailed description of the works involved during this project folllows :-                                     Remove engine and gear box and all parts from vehicle,   remove all panels from body - including glass     Hand paint  black all suspension parts and chassis    Repair and make good, strengthen body - cutting out and rebonding material to the underside          Rub down outer body and repair wings, valances and sills, boot lid surround - cutting and letting in material   Filling and making good to prime, flat, mask up and paint in two colours         Shultz the underside and arches in black for maximum  protection and to wax inject chassis        CUSTOMER SOURCED AND SUPPLIED ALL PARTS INCLUDING THE   ENGINE AND GEAR BOX        Rebuild and fit up suspension parts as supplied by customer         Strip and replace steering idler bearing     Strip and rebuild all brakes with parts as supplied by customer         Fit up body rubber pads and body to chassis     Grease all suspension and paint black components as requested         Fit engine and gear box        Set up gear shifter and fit up auxiliaries.         Fit supplied tyres to painted wheels and balance.        Fit front pipes and tighten oil brackets   Remove old distributor       Fit new distributor       time up engine   Wire up Dynamo         Clean up and trial fit and measure prop shaft       Cut out tunnel and make brackets to mount gear shifter, weld in place. Mount shifter, weld on nuts for dashboard   Fit oil gauge pipe        Make Carburettor to pump fuel pipe       Strip Carburettor and inlet - Reassemble      Check Thermo switch (vacuum)       Make up Auto oil pipes        Temporary block main oil gallery       START ENGINE - Oil leek from front of sump     Fit radiator and rubber seals       Fit water pump hoses and adaptors      Fit oil cooler pipes and fit oil cooler      Fit front body mounting bolts       Make mounting brackets for  expansion tank and fit tank    Line up body and tighten bolts       Adapt and fit torque converter cover      Fit P clips to fuel line       Trial fit bumpers        Tighten bolts on nearside splash guard      Measure prop - to be modified, package up and post    Make glass fibre prop tunnel cover around installed shifter        Install wiring looms, clock console and dash trim, switches under dash wiring to repair pod housing    Fit wipers and drive cables plus oil pressure gauge pipe, heater ducting         Fit fuel tank, filler neck.         Build up doors, install windows, build up windscreen.    Fit boot panels, boot lid and badge, fit bonnet, door cards and door furniture          Fit windscreen, with supplied T bolts, fitting and modifying chrome work as necessary.      Fit lights, radio and speakers as supplied by customer.    Fit all seals, horns and replace supplied lock set and fit badges.   Fit seat belt mounting plates and seatbelts     Fit carpet and seats.        Start engine and check   Fit complete exhaust system       Fit exterior chrome trims, front and rear bumpers    Adjust and bleed brakes        Start engine and bleed auto gearbox - topping up as  necessary         Modify inlet manifold, fit second hand carburettor, make throttle linkage, fit new air cleaner   Test/check all electrical items   Fit number plate holders   Fit number plates   Bolt down seats,  fit replacement bonnet release cable    Road test and MOT test        Strip hood frame, clean and paint and refit     Road test   Glue in gear change badge       Fit chrome strip around centre console      Fit grommet around brake pedal   Fit wheel trims         Rechecked timing        Vehicle ready for collection. Back to Project
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