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Tim Lang Restoration Centre are the classic restoration specialists based in the south west,
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Stage 3 : Rebuild Once the body was painted the stag moved to the ramp for the external application of the black under body Schultz and wax cavity injection of all box sections The brake system was completely replaced through out To standard spec All parts were stripped and cleaned ie trailing arms, brake back plates , drive shafts and rebuilt as necessary. We opted to replace all bushes to poly including seating pads for the springs The differential was stripped and rebuilt The axle extensions replaced as the usual problems revealed themselves Some engine bay parts fitted for ease before the V8 with the engine having been stripped. With the original engine/gearbox in place it was time to fit the remaining engine bay components. The engine bay has been kept standard other than an addition of an electric fan and oil cooler neatly fitted in the Front panel area next to the radiator thus not interfering with air flow gaining maximum efficiently Sports coil and electronic ignition all help in optimising reliability and performance from a fairly standard engine With new carburettors and a full stainless steel exhaust system fitted its not long before she breathes life again Interior We again upgraded to fit front and rear Inertia seat belts I always fit the mounting rod in the centre as this gives maximum coverage with out cutting across the neck line it’s neater and no big ugly buckles to look at once flicked to the side With a thick under felt kit fitted and a dense carpet pile providing sound deadening at its best. Various electrical problem arose and were sorted An additional fan override switch fitted in the cab and of course a temperature gauge replaces the clock With the remaining external body chrome trim and bumper refitted a tow hitch, halogen head lights and standard wheels and tyres The stag was looking complete – well I had to be a little different The wheel trims and no stag pinstripe make this vehicle for me Modern body colour door mirrors have also been fitted. It is now enjoying days out and even going on holiday towing a classic caravan.   Back to Project
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