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Tim Lang Restoration Centre are the classic restoration specialists based in the south west,
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Morris Traveller Almond Green This traveller arrived to us in an unloved state.  The wood had seen better days, the trim appalling   and the structure desperately needing help. We began by checking the operation of all switches and controls; we drained all fluids and removed the engine, gearbox and prop shaft.  We then removed the engine bay components, front panel and bumpers, all glass and all rear light units. We removed the trim and seats in order to gain access to the rear wood fixings; this enabled us to remove this section of the vehicle in one assembly. Next we took out the original wiring loom and stripped the dash of all switches and controls. The vehicle was stripped to a rolling bare shell and prepare for shot blasting. After the vehicle had been shot blasted a full assessment was carried out on the ramp. The customer viewed the vehicle and works options were discussed. Surprisingly the chassis legs where in excellent condition and so was the centre cross member. The panels and plates which had been previously welded into place were poor. The floor panels were cut out and replaced and let in.  This enabled us to put the vehicle on a role over jig so that we could cut out the boxing plate extension had to be replaced once the spring front hanger had been replaced. **The old and poorly welded floor extensions had to be replaced on each side with the addition of an axle domed section which was fabricated and let in. The rear spring hangers had to be repaired before the spring hanger could be aligned and welded into place. The boot floor with additional fuel tank lip edge was aligned and welded in and additional sections fabricated. The same work was completed on the other side once rolled the other way. The vehicle was then put on stands and the rear wheel arch dome panel removed with wing mounting flange. Time was then spent offering up the wood frame, dome and wing mounting panel for good fitment. Once happy it was then welded in and joined to the boot floor.  The same was repeated the other side. The near side front inner domed panel, flitch and A post were cut out and replaced with new panels modified as necessary and welded in. A very small repair to the plate lip edge was needed only and the wiper motor bracket refitted. The A post flitch and extension was also replaced on the off side. The replacement of each side of the B post on the off side and near side was completed and various fabricated part replaced as needed. It was all smoothed off with a grinding wheel before the joints were protected with a seam sealer, the panels scotched and the whole under side covered in under body flexible Schultz. **The woodwork was fitted to the vehicle and inspected for alignment. It was then removed, sanded down then stained and varnished in our booth. The shell is rolled around to the prep room where body panels are fitted up and the body filled and prepared as necessary before being dismantled, primed and flatted down and sealed. The vehicle was then painted in original Almond green. Once the shell had been painted and polished it had the front suspension refitted enabling it to be rolled out of the paint booth. It was moved onto the ramp for the mechanical rebuild, and under body Shultz sealer application. Most of the original engine bay components were kept just cleaned and painted before being refitted. *An original looking new wiring loom was fitted with a couple of modifications to the loom. *All the trim was replaced including the roof lining to one of the later spec.  Travellers Instead of the dual tone original trim; as requested by the customer.  The wood work had its’ newly painted aluminium panels refitted and then the wood frame offered up to this vehicle and secured and glass and trims fitted.  The guttering was the last to be fitted before going back into the booth and being painted. This was followed by our wax cavity injection program. To ensure the best possible long life of the vehicle and our structure guarantee. MODIFICATIONS COMPLETED PHOTOS Later trim spec. 12 volt accessory socket Radio/CD player and speakers and wing mounted aerial Front inertia seat belts Locking petro cap Chrome door mirrors Cat 2 alarm and immobiliser Now back to its’ former glory this Morris is much cherished and enjoyed again today, even having a star role in a family wedding which bought a tears of pride  to its’ owners eyes. Another Morris Minor Traveller
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