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Tim Lang Restoration Centre are the classic restoration specialists based in the south west,
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Stage 4 : Rebuild Time up engine, fit oil filter, fill with oil and water.  Start engine Fit boot lid, fit rear wings, fit doors, fit front wings, and fit bonnet.  Individually remove and reshape and adjust all panels including bonnet and boot lid to attain the best panel gap and swage line alignment. Make spacers, adjust door hinges for correct opening and closing, and adjust B post striker plate mountings. Cut and adjust rear shroud to wing alignment and re weld. Remove rear springs and refit original reconditioned springs Remove exhaust ready for painting Reshape lower front shroud to match front wing profiles Trial fit windscreen, trial fit door quarter lights, adjust windscreen accordingly Trial fit rear rain channel, adjust rear shroud to B post alignment Remove rain channel and re fit with rivets and sealer to body tub Trial fit front grille surround Fit wing piping Rebuild windscreen with new glass and seals Trial fit windscreen Strip dash and recover in black vinyl and rebuild Fit rear lights, chrome light surrounds, reflectors and wire up Fit battery box, battery and retaining bars Replace faulty n/s rear brake adjuster Replace faulty o/s rear wheel cylinder Rewire wiper motor and fit up To fit air trunking To refit exhaust To fit rear loom junction box Fit n/s exhaust heat shield Fit wiper bezels and gaskets, wiper arms and blades Fit new voltage regulator Fill coolant system with antifreeze Fit external badges Fit front lights, chrome bezels, front sidelights/ indicators and wire up Fit internal trim kit including cutting gluing complete under felt kit, carpets, seat runners and to fix carpet over gearbox tunnel with poppers Fit seat belts Fit arm rest Fit complete boot trim set To fit rear seats bases, rear trim cards and rear seat back To fit front trim cards and front seats Fit boot seal Fit bonnet Fit front fog light and wire up to switch on dash To fit driving light and wire up to come on with the main beam headlamps Fit dash braces Fit and wire up map light on dash Fit dash top mirror Fit dash parcel shelf support and parcel shelf Fit new cold air cable Fit choke trunions Fit washer bottle bracket, washer bottle, tubing and pump on dash Fit aluminium door trim plates To build up o/s internal door fixings To build up n/s internal door fixings Fit external door chrome capping Fit rear shroud chrome finishing capping Fit front bumper and rear bumper Fit front and rear number plate brackets and number plates and rear number plate light Rebuild indicator switch Fit door handle supplied by customer Fit cod mouth and grille Make striker plate spacers and fit striker plates Cut out and make door cards and cover in black vinyl   Fit up inner door cards, handles, winders and external door cards Fit draught excluder and caps Make hood frame fit vehicle Fit up new hood and seals supplied by customer Paint exhaust with high temperature silver paint Fit new wheels, tyres and spinners Fit new chrome exhaust chrome tail pipe ends Wax inject chassis MOT Headlight alignment To setup up tracking To road test ---------------------------------------- To remove internal and external splash shields To remove front grille and cod mouth To remove indictor switch and steering wheel To remove ball joints from steering arm To remove steering box and column To strip down and clean all components in steering box To fit new bearings to steering column shaft Fit new bush for peg shaft and ream out bush to correct size Rebuild steering box To refit steering box and column to vehicle To replace wiring loom for indicator switch To refit ball joints, splash shields, cod mouth, grille, steering wheel, indicator switch and wiring To fit new rear brake drums Pour octane booster into fuel tank Drain and refill gearbox with 75/80 gear oil To road test Fit tonneau cover After painting the vehicle was flatted back and compound polished Finally a high grade wax has been applied to body work Back to Project
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